From Dodgeball to Double Dutch:
The Games of Youth for the Players of Today


Remember recess? It was that refreshing break between classes that cleared the cobwebs, refreshed the mind, and got everyone moving. With detailed instructions, diagrams, and a can-do, kick-butt attitude, this tome isn’t meant to be read—it’s meant to be played!

With the rules to more than 150 games and variations, including over two dozen international games from schoolyards around the world, and various tips and strategies, this book is a kick in the pants for kids and grown-ups searching for inspiration to go outside and play. Get out onto the playground of life and rediscover the lost art of recess!

Recess is the ultimate illustrated guide to the best games of the playground, for inside and outside including:

• Thumb Wrestling
• Marbles
• Four Square
• Kickball
• Stoopball
• Tag Games
• and more!

Coming Spring 2016 – Published by Chronicle Books