The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions

Beer Pong is not a drinking game. It is a true sport of Champions – an original American pastime verging on global domination. To emerge victorious, you must study the ins and just-barely-rimmed outs of the sport. Wisdom best bestowed in The Book of Beer Pong.

Decades of collective experience and hundreds of hours of in-field research don’t lie. The Book of Beer Pong will redefine the way you play – and lice – the world’s greatest sport.

Game on America!

For novices, this book is Beer Pong 101. For experts, it’s a bible. Either way, it’s the first exhaustively investigated, fully illustrated, and thoroughly awesome guide to the sport, including:

  • The most comprehensive set of Official Rules ever in print
  • Proven distractions like Pelvic Thrusts and Buddha Rubs
  • Expert techniques to elevate your skill level
  • Proper equipment selection: balls, tables, beer, teammates, and more
  • and so much more

Settle your disputes with authority. This book features information on everything from basic pong etiquette and ball grips to expert techniques and tournament hosting tips.

Improve your game and smack talk with the first and only Beer Pong guide book.
– Cool Material

The Holy Grail of Beer Pong
– Danny Bonaduce

Best of the best!

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