A Champion’s Guide to Party Skills, Amazing Beer Activities, and More Than Forty Drinking Games

Beauty is in the hand of the beer holder. At last, this definitive guide to beer drinking raises a glass to the best beverage in history: Here’s to the drink of kings and the king of drinks.

From pouring to storing, from poppin’ cans to keg stands, from beer bongs t o beer pong, The Book of Beer Awesomeness pays tribute to beer’s storied past and celebrates its delicious present. Testing your mettle with these feats of fortitude, The Book of Beer Awesomeness is full of kings -playing, cup flipping, frosty-mugged fun.

Whether you’re a micro brew aficionado or a laid-back can crusher, find new ways to throw back a few brews with this collection of advanced skills, techniques, and must play beer drinking games, including:

  • Flip Cup
  • Asshole
  • Quarters
  • Cornhole
  • Beer Pong
  • and many more

This bible of imbibing covers everything from pouring and storage to drinking games and everything in between, giving you all the knowledge you need to booze like a champion at the next annual drinking event.
– Uncrate.com

This guide succinctly covers beer history, brewing science, keg tapping, and toasting tips before getting into headier stuff like speed quarters and how to open a beer can with your elbow…full of nuggests even beer geeks might not know.
– Draft Magazine

The book pours out a great collection of insider tips, tricks and activities needed to have a great time with friends, while enjoying your tasty beer like a boss.
– LaughingSquid

As if you need another reason to guzzle a pint of your favorite brew. Beer Awesomeness is the bible for beer bros. It’s got every little bit of info you need to do the perfect pour, crush a can on your face, play about a gazillion drinking games, and even brew your own batch.
– Upgrader

Next time you have a party do not forget to pick up The Book of Beer Awesomeness, as it is sure to guarantee a night of unparalleled and epic awesomeness. Most importantly, it will also provide you with a boatload of beer knowledge for your brain.
– TrendHunter

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